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2017 Renovation


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Here are some pictures of the renovation - follow this page for updates!  Scroll to the bottom for the latest pictures.


The locker rooms and lounge have been cleared out.....

  The lounge....

And changerooms.... 



And now for the demolition......


Lounge preparation for new Heating and Air Conditioning....



And... now construction.  First the framing of new changerooms and washrooms in the lower floor.... note the floor cutouts for plumbing and services.


Now for the lounge floor - removal first.....


Early July Pictures 

 Entry and Accessible Ramp      

Entrance - outside and inside.  The entryway has been lowered to the same level as the ice for accessibility


The new look lounge.  Note the energy efficient and bright lighting!

There's a new closet beside the bar for storage of tables etc.


Here's the relocated stairs and hallway to the changerooms


.....and now for the changerooms - womens changeroom and washroom..


and men's changeroom... 

And things are taking shape in August.....

 The new front entrance

 The new - look lounge


And then the stairwell with railing and the hallway to the washrooms and changerooms

 ...the hallway...

And the women's and men's washrooms....


Getting ready for the Big Unveiling!


First the entrance:


Then the stairs to the lounge and the changerooms:



The Lounge and Bar:


The Accessible Washroom:


The Hallway to the Changerooms:

The Ladies Changeroom and washroom:



the Mens Changeroom and washroom:









Image result for we did it images        

Sept 23rd - Grand Re-Opening our our newly renovated ACTON CURLING CLUB! 

THANK YOU  - THANK YOU for everyone that volunteered and supported our FANTASTIC EVENT on Saturday!

The event was a HUGE SUCCESS and our thanks to everyone that helped to make this happen and attend the event! Check out the 'Celebration' tab on the left hand menu

There were many many very positive comments on our renovations and how GREAT our club looks!
We should all be very proud! 

An AMAZING and EXCITING SUCCESS  - Thanks to the help from Many!

Special Thanks to the Renovations Commitee  - Ron Jeffrey, Madelene Reed, Claude Plourde, Bob Pearson for all the months and months and in some cases years working on the Grant application to make our renovations a Reality!

Recognition to the Celebration Committee  Madelene Reed, Gerry Cole, Colleen Gordon, Evelyn Bedard, Julie McManus, Loveleen Clayton. For all of their planning over the past months and hard work!

Many thanks to the numerous volunteers that helped to prepare the club, set up for the event, work at the event and take down and clean up afterwards! Truly a Club effort from many members! Bravo! Thank you!!!


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