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Ladies League

Ladies' League

The Tuesday Ladies' League has players of all calibre and keeps the social aspect alive and well.  This league accepts team and individual entries and the convenors will assist individuals to find a team.  





OCTOBER 9, 2018-JAN 6, 2019


JAN 8, 2019 – FEB 17, 2019


FEB 19, 2019 – MAR 24, 2019


MARCH 26 & 31, 2019


APRIL 2, 2019

        The first league round that started Oct 9th ending Jan 6th will determine what division you will play in for Round 2.  The top 6 teams with the highest points will be in Division A and the bottom 5 teams will make up Division B.

        Round 2 league play will start on Jan 8th and run till Feb 17th.  All games will need to be played to determine the play off position.

        The total points from Round 1 and Round 2 will be added together to determine your playoff position.  

        Playoffs will start on Feb 19th and go to March 24th.

        This year league play Round #1 consisted of round robin format where each team play all teams once for a total of 12 league game over 13 weeks.  One team had a bye each week.

        Round #2 beginning Jan 8th- All teams divided into A and B division. (top 6 in A Division, 5 remaining teams  division B)  Each team will play each team in their division once over the next 5 weeks.  Once compete, Round # 2 standings will be added to Round #1 standings to produce the order of standings for the playoff round beginning Feb 19th.

        Quarter final games will be played during March 26th, 31st.  With the Final Championship games being played on April 2nd.  The team in last place will not participate in the Championship games.


        All league and 1st round play-off games will be played to maximum 8 ends to a win/loss/tie

        Games to start at

          Tuesdays, 7:30 pm with no new end starting after 9:20 pm

          Sundays, 7:00 pm with no new end starting after 8:50 pm

        Flip for choice of rocks or hammer prior to the game

        Points will awarded accordingly – 4 pts for win, 2 pt for tie, 0 for loss

        Winning Skips will be responsible to enter W/L/T after each game for both teams on the score sheet posted in Ladies locker room and on the Acton Curling club website.

        Cancelled or make-up games must be played prior to last Monday of Round play (Feb 17th for Round #2 and March 24th for Playoffs) or both teams risk forfeit

        Team Roster & Spare Rules

          There must be a minimum 3 players to play a game

          There must a minimum of 2 players from the team's original roster to play the game

          Spares who are members of ACC must play second or lead

          Spares who are non-ACC members must play lead

        Late Game Rules

          There will be a 5 minutes grace period to obtain required team roster

          after 6 minutes and before 10 minutes the team that does not have sufficient players will forfeit 2 point and loss of hammer, at the discretion of the opposing skip

          after 10 minutes & before 15 minutes the team that does not have sufficient players will forfeit 3 point and loss of hammer, at the discretion of the opposing skip

          after 15 minutes, game will be fore-fitted, at the discretion of the opposing skip

          no new end rules stay in effect


        Standings will be determined by total points

        Divisions splits will occur after Round 1- based on standings, Division A (top 6 teams in standings) and Division B (teams 7 thru 11 in standings) and again after Round 2, using total points from both Round 1 and Round 2.  The Playoff split will be Top 5 to Division A and 6 thru 11 to Division B.  These standing will be used for playoff positions.

        Ties in standing, to determine the A and B Division teams,  (6th & 7th place split), will be determined by Points for and Against. 

        At the end of league play teams will be divided into 2 Divisions with the top 5 Teams going into the A Division and the bottom 6 teams going into the B Division based on your total points from Round 1 & 2.

        All teams now start with a zero balance of points and only the points accumulated during the playoffs will determine your position for the Championship final games. 

        The play-off games will take place from Feb 24th to March 26th with each team playing each team in their division, once. 

        All play-off games will be played with a NO NEW END AFTER 1:50 HOURS time limit

        All Play-off Games must be played by Tuesday, March 26th or the forfeit rules will apply.

               Tie breaker rules remain the same as standing tie breaker rules

         The winners from the Gold Division A will represent the Acton Curling Club in the Travelers.


Days of Champs Breakdown

Division A

Division B

Division C

Gold Bracket

Silver Bracket

Bronze Bracket

Top 4 teams from A Division

Will be in the Gold bracket for the days of Champs

Bottom 1 teams from A Division + Top 3 teams from B Division will be in the Silver Bracket for the days Champs

Bottom 2 teams from B Division will move to Division C and play for the Bronze position.

The last place team will not participate.

1st in A vs 4th in A

2nd in A vs 3rd in A

Games will be played March 26th

April 2nd winners from the March 26th Game will play against each other.  The winner of this game will represent the ACC at the Travelers.

The teams who lost their games on March 26th will play for the Consolation of 3rd and 4th place.

5th in A vs 2nd in B, Game will be played March 26 

3rd in B vs. 1st in B in Silver March 31

April 2nd games winners vs winners for B Division Champs

5th & 6th overall place.

The teams who lost their games on March 26th will play for the Consolation of 7th and 8th place.

9th in C and 10th in C will play for the Bronze metal on March 26th.

The 11th place team will not pay in the championship games.

        Top 8 teams will play in the Championship and Consolation final games on April 2nd.

=       Final Games will be a Full 8 ends, 2:10 hr time limit.  If the time expirers during an end in play, the score will revert back to the last completed end.  If tied after 8 ends, one player from each team will through a rock, closest to the button to determine the winning team.

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