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Thursday Mixed Doubles

Thursday Night Mixed Doubles

Draw time 9pm. Sharp 

Team are made up of one man, one woman

Mixed Doubles is played by two players. One male and one female on each team. Both teams play five stones each and start every end with one stone that has been pre-placed, so the maximum amount of points in each end is six.

In most ends, the pre-placed stones, will be positioned so that the team with last stone advantage (hammer) will start the end with one stone at the back of the four foot circle. The team without the last stone advantage, will start with a centre guard.

Important rules to remember in Mixed Doubles Curling:



Playing Positions

There are two positions in Mixed Doubles:

  • One player plays stones one and five
  • The other player plays stones two, three and four.
  • Both players are allowed to switch playing positions in-between ends.
  • Both players can sweep
  • Having a player holding the broom at the other end is optional.

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